“Sitting next to her at the reading last night, suffering the first few lines of L’s agonizing, if agonizingly well-modulated, “Hippopotami,” a syntactically asinine mesostic, after the manner of a very poor man’s e.e. cummings, and feigning a look of intense solicitude—that is to say, my listening face: a sort of wry, pinched number, an irony of entrenched eyebrows and furtive smirks…”

“River Horse,” The Temz Review

Fouling” at Fanzine

River Horse” at The Temz Review

Preliminary Assembly Instructions for an IKEA MALM 3-Drawer Chest as Essayed by an Addled Cormac McCarthy All Squatted and Mean in His Addlement” at Rejected McSweeney’s Lists

“Three Stories” in Coming Attractions 16, Oberon Press. Edited by Mark Anthony Jarman

“Terminal” in The Fiddlehead. Issue 264

“Canon Fodder” in Matrix. Issue 99

“Disjecta” in filling Station. Issue 58

“Parse” CBC: Canada Writes Short Story Prize
(Contest finalist and Winner of the People’s Choice Award)

“Slipping, Crash’s Law” in filling Station. Issue 54

“The Mansbridge Affair” in Riddle Fence. Issue 9
(Winner: Newfoundland and Labrador Arts and Letters Award, Short Fiction; Winner: University of Calgary Kaleidoscope Prize)